Enjoy with the entire family..feel the 'Excitement' of turning a $7 grocery store 'bunch of plain flowers' into a professional florist design !

The MOST UNIQUE feature of the GUPPY is its versatility..Use it for FRESH, 🔸SILK, DRIED & Paper flowers.. and NO arrangement is ever permanent

🔸Save Time on the tasks you don't like and more on what you love.. Arranging !

🔸Convenient in so many ways - water changing, durable and 🌱reUsable, just store in the vase after every use

🔸Save Money using 20% less flowers and foliage because stems stays in place- no infilling required to achieve the same full look!

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MUST WATCH VIDEO- The Importance of Clean Water

Can you put a Price on the mess around your sink and frustration created from a water change ?

Are you designing by just loosely placing flowers in a vase, using -Chicken Wire, Foam, Tape grids, frogs

  • Inventor-Engineers-Florists together- created the PERFECT Tool

    3 Support Points

    🔸The Division of labour by 3 sections: Top, Bottom and a Centre Cavity-our exclusive design. The criss-crossing stems create friction to prevent 'slipping and shifting' even when wet !

    Your 'DESIGN' stays in place ESPECIALLY during a water change or transporting.

    Part of our Exclusive Patented Design

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  • A Very UNIQUE plastic- Exclusively OURS !

    The 4.25" GUPPY is a 🔸Indestructible Temperature Sensitive Clear Pastic. SOFT as a noodle in warm water, SOLID at room temperature. Mould into any shape- cube, curved.. even FLAT 'see' the GUPPY wedged under the book cover (even the mouse can't believe it! )

    Toss away your scissors and knives. No more messy foam and chicken wire cutting and the dreaded time consuming tape grids

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  • 'What a pile of crap' ending up in landfills and oceans

    ONE GUPPY can be used as many times as everything you see combined and it's made to last

    A Single GUPPY is only $9.99us

    🔸The Money you Save is Enormous, the Enviromental impact🌱is Pricessless

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  • Flower Maintenance

    🔸Cut your stems as short as aesthetically pleasing for your arrangement. The longer the stem, the further water must travel to the head- adding stress. Long stem Red Roses are really a waste of money!

    🔸Do not rest your stems on the vase base. Debris and bacteria collect on the bottom 'clogging' the drinking ducts. The orange daisy's (above) are resting on the bottom of the vase. The pink arrangement is resting supported in a GUPPY. Guess which flowers will live longer ?

  • 2022 Patent awarded to Inventor James Wong (FG president) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

    Working with a tenacious Intellectual Property Lawyer- Richard Owkima, at one of Canada's largest and leading Law firms, Lawson Lundell LLP.- we received our USA GUPPY Patent- the most coveted Patent in the world

    'The 🇺🇸 World Leader in Innovation !'

    FloraGUPPY®️ is awaiting other worldwide Patents. Covid has slowed examinations.

  • My FloraGUPPY 'Oprah aha~Shark Tank' Moment

    Inventor James Wong, " I never set out to 'invent' it. Even after my accidental discovery, I had no interest bringing it to market. I was a Banker not a florist"

    We auditioned for DRAGONS DEN..
    see 'About Us' page

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  • STEVIE BRONZE Award- 'Start up of the Year'

    The Stevie® Awards are the world's premier business awards

    The pantheon of winners include: Apple, BASF, Ford Motor Company, ING, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, and Samsung, and now 🏆FloraGUPPY Inc. is part of the esteemed

  • STEVIE Award - Judges Comments

    The 2022 competition attracted more than 3,800 nominations from international organizations of all types in several categories. Multiple judges review each category ( 8 judges in 'Start up of the Year') 

    It has become one of the world's most coveted Awards.  

    🌱THE MONEY YOU SAVE IS ENORMOUS.. THE Environmental impact is PRICELESS🌱

    Stevie -Latin for Crown

  • Flower Patch Magazine (United Kingdom)

    "INNOVATION abounds" It's reusable and recyclable."

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  • The Gardener (Canada)

    "it's a simple design whose time has come"

    Canada / @al_flora.hk Hong Kong

  • The Flower Arranger Magazine (United Kingdom)

    @Calyx.Young Hong Kong / @DivaBouquets Lancashire, UK

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