End the Drama of changing the water to refresh your bouquet. No more dreading the task, just 'lift' arrangement from vase-refill with clean water and return to vase.
'YOUR DESIGN stays intact'

  • "The PERFECT Arranger"- 3 Levels of Support

    A. Insert you stems where you want them in your arrangement

    C. Exit the stem to stability and support-prevents 'jiggling' 

    B. Inside the GUPPY cavity, the criss-cross of the stems creates 'friction' keeping the stems from sliding down and falling out.

    Even with 3 levels, inserting stems is not a challenge with 58 holes. The holes of every edge is 'rounded smooth' to prevent scraping the stems.

  • ReSHAPE the GUPPY with warm water in 30 seconds

    30 seconds in WARM water changes the GUPPYS shape to conform to any vase.

    The 4.25" (12.5cm) GUPPY fits vase openings from 2"-12" (5-30 cm). It is the spread of the flower stems bouquet that rests on the opening. The GUPPY is merely a Giant Rubber-band creating a 'center'.

  • Spend Less - Get MORE

    When stems stay where you position them, you do not need more flowers/foliage as filler. The GUPPY'S 3 CONTACT POINTS, hold your design in place.

    A. We love Costco ! 24 roses under $20us
    B. 12 red 12 white- create 2 sizeable bouquets with yard and roadside foliage. STOP PAYING FOR GREENERY.

    C. Create a 24 stem bouquet or..

    D. Create a SUPER lush arrangement with the same yellow roses and lots of foraged foliage, then 'Lift and Shift' to you favourite container !

  • The POD System-Exclusively OURS !

    Design beautiful large arrangements by simply combining smaller(C) 'Pods' together. Any combination of 1, 2 or 3 pods Changes the entire mood-from (C) casual to (D)formal. TIP: if you are planning a wedding, 'double dip' with your flower pods. At the church create (D) a large urn(s) then separate the pods into table arrangements at the reception (C). COST: Costco mixed bouquets $20us and 1 bunch of Mums $10 all the FREE foliage you can forage.

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  • 2022 Patent awarded to Inventor James Wong (FG president) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

    April 2023 our EU Patent Approved !

    Consumers florist shared their arranging
    Problems.. the design engineers and Inventor provided the Solution.

    Working with a tenacious Intellectual Property Lawyer- Richard Owkima, at one of Canada's largest and leading Law firms, Lawson Lundell LLP.- we received our USA GUPPY Patent- the most coveted Patent in the world

    'The 🇺🇸 World Leader in Innovation !'

  • Eco🌱Conscious Media

    Thank you to the Media Contributing to 'Make Change Happen'.

    FloraGUPPY does not provide any monetary renumeration in exchange for media. We are an ECO 🌱friendly product and the Media has been generous in sharing our message.

  • STEVIE BRONZE Award- 'Start up of the Year'

    The 2022 Stevie® Awards are the world's premier business awards

    The pantheon of winners include: Apple, BASF, Ford Motor Company, ING, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, and Samsung, and now 🏆FloraGUPPY Inc. is part of the esteemed

  • STEVIE Award - Judges Comments

    The 2022 competition attracted more than 3,800 nominations from international organizations of all types in several categories. Multiple judges review each category ( 8 judges in 'Start up of the Year') 

    It has become one of the world's most coveted Awards.  

    🌱THE MONEY YOU SAVE IS ENORMOUS.. THE Environmental impact is PRICELESS🌱

    Stevie -Latin for Crown

  • James Wong. Founder, Inventor/Entrepreneur, FloraGUPPY CEO

    The GUPPY, swimming against an ocean of currents. Starting with it being a completely accidental discovery and even more astonishing, James had no interest in bringing it to the market !

    Fast Forward. Two years of family and friends telling him they wanted one and hounding him sell them, he thought.. ' I might have something here' !

    James spent 25 years in Banking & Finance before he decided to follow his real passion of running his own business. It was the serendipitous invention of the GUPPY that gave him the confidence to do so. He knew he had 'something big and unique' when the global flower community welcomed his ECO🌱innovation- especially now, when the flower industry is under a microscope for all of its single use plastic waste AND transporting fresh flowers around the world (leaving behind a carbon footprint) instead of relying on local sourcing.

    In 2022, FloraGUPPY received the most difficult patent to attain- a Utility Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Shortly after, in March of 2023- the EU patents were granted. These patents, as well as the huge amount of single use plastic the GUPPY REPLACES confirmed he had made the right career decision.

    "It was an overnight SUCCESS that only took 6 years to create!"
    It's now being called a 'game changer' and the next 'Post-it-note' success story. FloraGUPPY has customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa and most recently Papua New Guinea ! Not too bad for an 'accidental happening' between he and his Chihuahua from hell-Coco.

    James is not satisfied with just success of the GUPPY, he is already developing two new ECO Sustainable, user-friendly- home flower products. He is determined to make FloraGUPPY a Global Brand, a household name and a company that participates and promotes Sustainability🌱