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Assembly Guide for your GUPPY

Eco friendly and reusable

NEW floral holding device made with malleable soft plastic. You can create your own arrangements, bouquets, centrepiece or wall installations.

1. The GUPPY

Is a sphere comprised of two halves with 58 holes varying in 3 sizes.

2. You have to align

the two halves of the GUPPY to make a ball with our patented collar ( Slot Holes and Insertion Tabs)

3. To assemble

use your thumbs and index fingers to slightly bend the tab and the slot inwards. Then begin to push the tab into the slot

4. Hook the tab

when you feel a slight click, it is inserted.

* Use warm water or heat to soften clips 

5. Repeat

until all the connections are completed.

* Use cold water or air to set tabs

6. Insert the GUPPY into a vase

displaying cut flowers to achieve the arrangement you want


We are a Canadian based company that started in 2013 and specialize in innovative solutions in the floral industry (both fresh and silk flowers).  We have developed a novel innovative technology that is all encompassing, flexible, and cost-effective.  The florists will find the FloraGUPPY to be a more efficient starting point to design your floral arrangement.  Other alternative methods of floral arrangement, such as foam, chicken wire, and taping are of the past as the FloraGUPPY not only reduces the cost of floral arranging but reduces the time it takes to create your floral masterpiece!

Our Team

James Wong


- Bachelor of Commerce.

- Innovator of the Guppy and all product development.

- 14 years in Finance, Equity, and Bond Trading.