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Best bouquet flower arrangement tool

The new essential flower arranging tool you need to create striking designs.

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A must have for all the flower lovers.

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Create flawless and neat flower arrangements.

Shapeable tool, simple to use & easy to arrange.

● Round design with 58 holes helps in thearranging process

● One size fits all the vases 

● Create beautiful and professional designs with grocery store flowers

● Flowers stay in place

● Easy to change the water without losing thedesign

Flowers live longer

The SECRET* to making your flowers last longer?

Change the water!

● Step 1: Remove the GUPPY arrangement unit from container

● Step 2: Cut stems / flush container with fresh water

● Step 3: Replace

* No need to even use plant food. Fresh water and a fresh cut is really all you need.

** Replaces chicken wire, floral foam, glass marbles and any other holder used for flower arrangements.

One size fits all

● 4.25" / 12cm (22gms light)

● Fits vase opening 3" / 12cm to 12"/ 30cm

The GUPPY can be used in ANY vase size, can be ball shaped, square shaped, or any other shape!

Its dimensions are 4.25 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches with 58 holes with different sizes that can be used with a wide range of flower types.

A plus about The GUPPY!

Inside the holes, water tubes can be inserted for mobile installations or hanging installations.

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The GUPPY Testimonials

A girl’s best friend: Flowers, Champagne, Chocolate, and THE GUPPY!

IG: Acquired_by_Andrea
Buffalo, New York
13 July 2020

My essential flower arrangement tool, especially in hard to design in containers. Having an affordable, re-usable solution like THE GUPPY has made this possible.

Mrs. T
Verified Amazon Purchaser
18 December 2019

This is great! My flowers come out better using this product. The flowers stay in place. I love how THE GUPPY holds the flower arrangement together each time I change the water, making my natural flowers last for weeks!

Verified Amazon Purchaser
18 November 2018