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The NEW Floral Arrangement Holder

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The NEW Standard in Floral Arrangement

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The NEW Standard in Floral Arrangement

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Eco-friendly Floral Arrangement Holder

Create your own floral arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, and more! Insert the flowers into one of ForaGUPPY’s 58 holes, in the same manner on how you would arrange flowers on floral foam. It's a great tool for flower lovers, hobbyists, and professional florists.


Reusable for events, weddings, weekly accounts and more! Also ideal for home use.


Makes water changing so easy, which prolongs flower life. Just lift the whole floral assembly out, change the water inside the vase, and put the flowers back in.


Save money by using fewer flowers and foliage for a full arrangement. Save time as well!

The FloraGUPPY

Flower arranging doesn’t have to be difficult. Make stylish arrangements with the FloraGUPPY.

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Fabulous invention, just need to master the technique of having the clip openings to first open up enough then stay secure when adding flowers. We'll definitely be purchasing more as and when required. Thank you for the concern though. Great customer service. @rebellerflower

Robeller Flower - UK

FOAMFREE for this piece I used the dowels to hold the #floraguppy in place on a large container. I am really amazed how it doesn't take much product at all. This had thick woodsy stems and it held them all perfect, even turning it upside down.

@Rainy Diane - USA

Easy to keep clean for longer lasting flowers with no damage to hands or to stems with beveled edge holes yet firm enough for delivery - big designs - fab! - @evolveflowers

Helen Chambers - UK

Can literally lift everything up if I want to change water and that's not a small arrangement. What I do know is that they hold test tubes pretty well which can be handy with some outdoor stuff. It's a cool tool and very much reusable. - @flowersevolution

Maciej Skulski - UK

It allowed me to put flowers like sarracenia that cannot be attached or in the floral foam. I am very happy with the guppy. It stays in place. It is easy to organize flowers. - @atelierkohavi

Atelier - Switzerland

Made this #guestbookarrangement using my new @the_floraguppy instead of using tape or oasis. Love it so much more! You should totally check it out its awesome! - @evfloraldesign

Saint - Los Angeles , CA