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We are a Canadian based company that started in 2013 and specialize in innovative solutions in the floral industry (both fresh and silk flowers). We have developed a novel innovative technology that is all encompassing, flexible, and cost-effective. The florists will find the FloraGUPPY to be a more efficient starting point to design your floral arrangement. Other alternative methods of floral arrangement, such as foam, chicken wire, and taping are of the past as the FloraGUPPY not only reduces the cost of floral arranging but reduces the time it takes to create your floral masterpiece!


Patent Status: Patent Pending


Patent Documents Filed by FloraGUPPY Inc. for a ‘Flower-Holder’


Incorporated Edmonton, Alberta CANADA


Mobile: +61 3 9987 5654
Fax: +61 5 7655 7888


About James Wong the inventor... a serendipitous happening!

Prior to the Start of FloraGUPPY, James had a 20 year financial career in various banking positions from ‘teller’ up to ‘financial advisor’. His educational background is a Business Degree from the University of Alberta. Surprisingly, he has had NO formal training in floristry.

The only experience with flowers was buying the occasional bunch at the grocery store. Even then- they had to be on sale. He thought Flowers were a perishable item that never seemed to live very long 4-5 days. Second, medically diagnosed with OCD It it was not easy to displayed them in a way he was satisfied with.

The “Shark Tank” Moment!

The GUPPY device was a serendipitous/accidental , happening in 2013 when one morning he was doing a ‘water change’ to some carnations. Water changes were always a dread because it meant losing the design. In the midst of the water change he looked over and saw his dog Coco, playing with a rubber ball destroyed beyond recognition. James picked it up and threaded the flower stems through it the top and bottom of the ball. To his amazement, ‘it worked’- when ‘nothing else’ (glass marbles, rocks, string). Simple engineering was the answer.. “you need the top for design and the bottom for anchoring. Without a top and bottom NOTHING will work as well as the” .

It was a hybrid of everything available all rolled into 1 Device he chose to call the ‘’GUPPYS’

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1925, Alberni Street,
Vancouver, BC, Canada



+1 (778) 558-9915