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A HOME use Flower Arranging Ball that is Reusable. Comprised of 2 'half spheres' requiring assembly.

It replaces: Single Use green floral Foam, ScotchTape grids on top of a vase opening, chicken wire, Frogs, Mason jar toppers, String, and loose flowers plopped into a vase. 

For use with:

  • Fresh flowers-
  • Silk- no gluing so no arrangement is ever permanent
  • Paper Craft flowers
  • Crafting 
  • Miscellaneous- when placed in a coffee mug, can be used as a holder for pencils & even make up brushes.

* it's 58 multi-hoke sizes Holes easily accomodates water tubes.

The GUPPY comes in ONLY one size - 4.25 in / 10.2 cm in diameter. Many new users are surprised at how few stems it can hold and equally surprised at how many it can hold.  With repeated use, you will discover its capabilities.  

At minimum it can fit a 2-3" opening using half a GUPPY- rolled like a crepe or as wide as a 10" vase  opening.  It is really the 'stems canopy' resting in the lip of the vase opening.

To arrange 'Grand Hotel/Wedding' size diplays we have an EXCLUSIVE GUPPY POD system.  A video is in the Demonstration Page.   The POD system technique and the GUPPYS ability to fit ' watertubes' allows even more daring designs and installations.   One size is all you need! 

The instruction card included in your package shows the 2 methods to connect the 'male tab' into the 'female slot'.

Soak or run the tabs and slots under the sink tap in warm water or heat from hair dryer-  until the tabs are very soft-try inserting again.

If you are still having problems 'THINK of the male tab as a 'fishing hook' that you are 'inserting" itn a fishing hook motion. (Or a jewelry clasp motion).  Repeat until all the 8 connections are completed.  Once done use cold water to harden the plastic or allow to cool at room temperature for 3 minutes- this is to 'secure' each joint.

*If you are still having problems we have a lengthy step-by-step video on our FloraGUPPY YOUTUBE channel, search 'ASSEMBLY'




Yes, it will conform to almost any vase’s shape. Submerge the FloraGUPPY in warm water for 10-15 seconds and then place it into the vase of your choice. Once the desired shape is achieved, run it under cold water to main the configured shape. It can be molded flat to fit container as shallow as 3 inches.

GUPPYS are only available directly through our Website.





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