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Verified Amazon Purchaser

"The Floraguppy has become my go-to device for arranging florals especially in hard to design in containers. We own a urban cut flower farm and design studio. We are foam free. Having an affordable, re-usable solution like the flora guppy has made this possible. I've used in big containers and small like soup containers to use in pumpkins for designing. I can't wait to see what they will do next with their amazing product and their work to help other designers like me go foam free."

Dec 18, 2019
Mrs. T


"I really do love the guppy! I am not that great at floral design and it helps so much! Thanks again!  "

Nov 28, 2019

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

"Yes, I'm actually using it, I got new vase so that it fits better inside of it. I'm getting flowers more regularly now because the result is pleasing to the eye"

Oct 26, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia


"They work so Well! Makes arranging and changing water so easy!!!!"

Sep 25, 2019
New Jersey


"First. I am very excited to say that my friends at @floraguppy have really taken an interest in our Vase Swap Workshop happening this Sunday. They are giving each attendant a guppy to use and reuse! I will show you how these beauties work and it will change the way you arrange your florals.""

Sep 2, 2019
Verona, New Jersey

Verified Amazon Purchaser

"My review has been upgraded to a 4 star, the product works well in compote designs. It is small and will need a bramble to support it in a bigger compote, but it eliminated the need of foam or chicken wire. Defiantly soak the female end in hot water to soften the plastic for attachment."
Aug 27, 2019

" is solely based on how difficult it is to put the guppy together. My fingers are killing me, and this alone makes me not want to purchase them again."
Aug 21, 2019


"As a flower farmer I am committed to avoiding using floral foam at all costs. I’m so excited about your product. Thank you for your hard work.""

Aug 25, 2019
Lee's Summit, Missouri


"Totally in love with this flower mix i put together for today’s baby shower in a garden style. It makes me extra happy that it’s floral foam free even though the vase is quite low and wide. I used @floraguppy to keep flowers in place and make changing water in the vase an easy-peasy 1minute thing."

Aug 24, 2019
Alexandria, Virginia


"Your customer service is the best ever!! Everyone I show the Guppy’s to loves them. I’m giving many of them away to get people hooked and the word out 😎. I’ll try to get some photos of the wedding arrangements that were a huge hit! I’ll try and send them in an email in the next few days. Thanks again for everything. I will continue to spread the Guppy love and promote your wonderful invention. Leigh"

Aug 13, 2019
Woodlake, California

Verified Amazon Purchaser

" Great product, easy to use, does not bruise the stems like chicken wire, perfect replacement for oasis or chicken wire. Love it!"
Aug 6, 2019


"I love using re-usable mechanics whenever possible, and the design options with #floraguppy are endless!"

Jalisca Thomason
Aug 12, 2019
Woodlake, California


"However this time I tried out a @floraguppy and I’ve been able to make something double the usual size! Really impressed, and you can barely see it even in this glass vase! Really impressed 💫✨ who doesn’t want a bigger display of flowers?! 😍💕"

Jessica Kavanagh
Jul 25, 2019
Shawclough, Rochdale, United Kingdom


"Love Love Love @floraguppy! You can reuse, recycle, shape it in so many ways, use it with branches or with smaller arrangements. Go check them out."

Jun 24, 2019
Miami, United States

Robin's Egg Floral & Event Design

"...Oasis free, using with @floraguppy to provide structure and support. Gave the perfect shape I wanted and helped in transporting the flowers too the venue (those @cluny_castle speed bumps) The flowers can them be taken out after the wedding and given to the family. I keep my guppies and I use them again and again. Win win for me and the environment"

Robin Hazel
Jun 3, 2019
United Kingdom

Wild Flora Studio

"NEW FOAM FREE PRODUCT- Had little play with a new foam free alternative recently. @floraguppy. 
If you haven't already joined us in my wild flora collective (private Facebook group) drop in to watch my 'spur of the moment' tutorial and let me know what you think. 
I'm a fan & a great product for event designers who understand the benefits of water over foam.
Well done @floraguppy for offering florists a recyclable foam free alternative...this is a NON SPONSORED post."

Nadine Brown
May 25, 2019
Lakesland, Australia

Floral Seductions

“I think the first 1 pic is my favorite angle too 😊 And thanks to floraguppy, I was able to use the crystal vase, keep the really tall bits in place and changing water is easy peasy, which means clients are more likely to change the water more often and therefore enjoy the flowers for longer.”
May 28, 2019.- 


Jason Granata

" Such a great new floral product. I am a floral designer with 17 years experience so using the product wasn't much of a learning curve from foam. But As a first time user initial impression is that it's a quality item that 1)saved me time of cutting and taping foam
2)money in the long run because they are reusable.
3) eco friendly unlike most floral foams.
4) ease of use, allows you to be creative with each application

New product in my shop that I Will definitely be using in future arrangements. 😉"
May 25, 2019

Evolve Flowers

"Easy to keep clean for longer lasting flowers with no damage to hands or to stems with beveled edge holes yet firm enough for delivery - big designs - fab! Perfect and super perfect for delicate summer flowers like sweet peas etc !" October 22, 2018

"Finally a super easy way to use this odd shaped container that is soft and quick! Thank you FloraGUPPY ;)" -
April 14, 2018

Helen Chambers
Donington Spalding, United Kingdom

François Nsenga

"Just received the sample of your FloraGUPPY via Postal Service, and we say in French, c´est génial!! Someone had to think about it, and it´s you - CONGRATULATIONS!!"

Apr 5, 2019
Kigali Rwanda, East Africa

Petals & Paper

"I literally have a mouth full of expletives about how friggin amazing they are! And this is only my first play! I will definitely be building my Bouquets with these from her on in! Sooooo much easier!” 
April 3, 2019

“It’s soooooo incredible. Honestly, it has helped me in an area I was really struggling with!”
 April 4, 2019

Gem Weir Dorset 
England, UK

Kimaria Flowers

"Can’t wait for mine to arrive from @floraguppy” 
April 3, 2019

Maria Joyce

N Ireland, UK

Heavy Petal Creative

"I can’t wait to order some finally!!! What a genius product!” 
April 3, 2019


San Diego, California, USA

Kay's Flowers School

“Great product we use with our students here at Kay’s Flower School.” 
 March 22, 2019

"They are brilliant. Game changer."
March 8, 2019

Dublin, Ireland

Sue Hines Floral

"I'm taking one to my wholesalers tomorrow and have been telling my fellow local designers about them. They are a bit of a challenge at first to figure out the snapping together but I do like them. Can't wait to use in larger structure designs! I’m liking the FloraGUPPY mechanic for foam free designs." 
March 7, 2019

Airway Heights, Washington, USA 

Seascape Flowers

"I was bragging to some of my flowers peeps about the guppies." 
March 7, 2019


Aptos, California, USA 

Hannah Lauren Florals

"I loved using it. So easy and mouldable to different vases. It's very sturdy and the flowers feel secure which is what you want especially for transporting. I found it much easier to lock together when it's softer though. I'm really looking forward to incorporating it into my future design work." 
February 27, 2019

Gloucestershire, UK

Verified Amazon Purchaser

"I wish they were different sizes." 
February 16, 2019

Susan S.

Roadside Blooms

"Thank you for creating a product that will hopefully change the way we use foam in the industry!" 
February 13, 2019

Roadside Blooms
North Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Florist Designer -Antonio Bavaresco 

"That's exactly what I dreamed of for few years. This is #PERFECT effectiveness"
February 11, 2019

Antonio Bavaresco (Nikko)
Toronto, Canada

This Floral Life

"You'll be super successful it's a great product!" 
February 9, 2019

West Sussex, United Kingdom

Lovely Ambiance

"I have been about saving our Mother Earth and the bees (etc) for years now... I feel like i’ve Lived in a whole dark world about (Floral) Foam,, I want to be foam free all the way it it is hard for me to trust anything worthy of foam free installations and getting creative designs without foam. So it’s a very big experiment for me after years of designing one way to change it up, I look forward with only providing my clients with only foam free."
February 3, 2019

"FOAMFREE for this piece I used the dowels to hold the #floraguppy in place on a large container. I am really amazed how it doesn't take much product at all. This had thick woodsy stems and it held them all perfect, even turning it upside down." 
December 26, 2018

Rainy Diane
Riverside, California, USA 

Tilted Tulip

"You've probably heard me rave about the floral industries latest innovation, the Floral Guppy...this guy can be used multiple times (earth friendly) and makes designing a breeze (user friendly). For our February 18th workshop we will be using the guppy to arrange a beautiful vase arrangement, so all who attend will get to learn how to design in one and take it home!" 
February 3, 2019
Blooming Lovely Bouquets
"Soooo loving it!!!"
Tilted Tulip
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Verified Amazon Purchase

"I really had big hopes for this, but was a little disappointed. I am a florist and thought it might save time. 1st I couldn't put it together, it is not easy. 2nd as far as the cost, very expensive. Some tape on your vase (which I don't do often) or a chicken wire grid would do the same thing for a fraction of the cost of a flora guppy. I feel it is very overpriced for what it is." 
February 2, 2019

Kristyne Carian 

Verified Amazon Purchaser

"Very useful product. Have ordered this before for our design business and we really liked how it works. it can be used for several types of arrangements in urns, vases, pots, etc. Wish there were multiple sizes available...hint hint."  January 28, 2019


Verified Amazon Purchaser

"Helpful videos found on Floraguppy's official website on how to use the guppy. I like the product. It holds flowers firm and tight and totally replaces foams. Also when Amazon's shipment system failed to provide the latest updates, seller has proactively sent me a box of 25 guppies with express shipment for free! such that I can use guppy in time for CNY floral arrangement for my client. This is probably the best customer service I've ever experienced. I am really impressed." 
January 28, 2019

S. Chan 

Luxe Line

"I placed an order last July and received it. Love your product!" 
January 28, 2019

Laurie Barter
Southern California, USA

Rebelle Flower

"Fabulous invention, just need to master the technique of having the clip openings to first open up enough then stay secure when adding flowers. We'll definitely be purchasing more as and when required. Thank you for the concern though. Great customer service."
January 27, 2019

Rebelle Flower
London, UK 

Juliette Floral Design

"Thank you @floraguppy for inventing this great product. I also used it for the Chinese New Year arrangement to my client. Gonna post and share my experience on my page soon!" 
February 6, 2019

"This is probably the best customer service I have encountered!!! Thank you so much James." 
January 25, 2019

Hong Kong 

Figure Eight Events

"Today was a fun filled day of designing. I enjoyed working with a new Eco friendly tool called @floraguppy. I'm looking forward to creating new designs with it, so many ideas!" 
January 12, 2019

Southern California, USA

Verified Amazon Purchaser

"Attention florist - the guppy is a 'GAME CHANGER'. No more soaking, cutting, throwing away much waste I felt guilty. I find the GUPPY better than foam, when I did a stem count I saved on 2-3 major flowers for a table top size arrangement. The ability to reuse them over and over is genius. They are also great for height extension with expensive blooms like callalily, exotic tropicals. I am the in-house florist for a 5-star hotel chain in Hong Kong, I spoke with the hotel manager, they love the 'go green' idea." 
January 4, 2019


Flourish & Knot

"Tried out my new frogs from the FloraGUPPY and I LOVED them.

So happy to be able to create arrangements that are ecologically-conscious.
Thanks for the great product." 
December 29, 2018

Sarah Burnell
Montreal, Canada

 Gwenaelle Fleurs Deco

"I have received my pack of FloraGUPPY! And I'm falling in love with it! I have created Workshop Vert, it is workshops for florist. I teach them to become eco friendly and all the way to be an eco-florist. I have already started to talk about FloraGUPPY and they are very enthusiastic about it! It's something brand new in France." 
December 28, 2018

Gwenaelle Chaine
Espinasses, France 


"Since I've started doing flower arrangements I've realized how often floral foam is used and how better It would be to utilize reusable flower holder when possible, flower design thought me to create structures to display flowers at their best and this was so useful to substitute it.. I was happy to receive and have some experience with these @the_floraguppy really useful for classic arrangement and also inspiring for some different use I will defenitly try." - December 27, 2018

Deborah Provenziani

Nadia Di Tullio Flowers

"Using my foamfree FloraGUPPY for the first time!!! And loving it! I really love it to be honest. I found it really useful to see how others had used it as part of installation work too as I've been struggling to find an alternative to foam for this use."
December 14, 2018

Ashbourne, UK


"GUPPY love! I first heard of the FloraGUPPY here on Instagram. Instantly I knew it would help me mock up designs, build bouquets fresh and wired, and never ever have to use floral foam around my toddler. You can find this small amazing little ball on Amazon. I really just love this little device so much. Happy to promote a design tool such as the Guppy!" 
December 11, 2018

"Simply a marvelous tool for any #paperflorist, foam-free with endless possibilities. Thanks @the_floraguppy." - April 19, 2018

Maine, USA

Charlie's Flower Boutique

"Have you looked at using the FloraGUPPY? I've starting using instead of foam, they're reusable and degrade. They're fab because you can pop them in hot water and they become malleable." 
December 14, 2018

Charlie Banks
Warrington, Cheshire, UK  

Blooming Lovely Bouquets

"So much better than resin or foam, the Flora guppy holds your stems in perfect placement, you can lift the entire arrangement out and change vases with ease. You can even remove single stems out of the arrangement without disturbing the rest - need a bloom for a flat lay? no problem, slide it out, use it for styling and just pop it back in after.
My fellow florists both fresh and faux, check out James and the Flora guppy - it's a game changer!" 
December 10, 2018

Wamuran, Queensland, Australia

Rustic Roots Floral Design

"I prefer oval for bouquet design and the flatter shape of the chappel products, but the clear plastic and ability to reshape is a huge plus for the guppy." December 6, 2018

Jalisca Thomason
Woodlake, California, USA

Inky & Grace

"Heavy when waterlogged to transport and dispose of and that's apart from the plastic, chemicals issues. Yours are easy to keep clean, low on storage issues, light to transport and reusable." 
December 5, 2018

"Better than foam!" - April 26, 2018

Inky & Grace

Stoke Gabriel, Totnes, UK

The Boy Who Cried Flowers

"The foam can not be reused, so the GUPPY is long term, less expensive. And the GUPPY can be recycled yeah? Foam can not be. Foam cages are made of a type of plastic that can not be recycled. Once you stick your flowers in foam, it also makes them unable to be composted as the plastic dust from foam is non compostable." 
December 5, 2018

Anthony Maslo
Los Angeles, California, USA

Floral Prescriptions

"Even though foam less expensive, have to weigh up other factors in foam is single use and more foliage required etc." 
December 5, 2018

"I did find that less foliage [was] required with the GUPPY. Staff were worried they'd be difficult to clean after being in a corporate arrangement for 7 days, but they cleaned up easily." 
October 7, 2018

West Mead, Australia

Verified Amazon Purchaser

"I like this product! It's reusable so I have cut back on foam. Also, flowers in foam look tired and some wilt. With the guppy, they look so much better. I also felt guilty tossing so much foam in the trash...Now I don't. I suggest to try this awesome's amazing!"
November 30, 2018


Lovely Ambiance

"I love it!! Your passion is amazing and I'd love to share it...I have been about saving our mother earth and the bees for years now...I feel like I've lived in a whole dark world about foam, I want to be foam free all the way but it is so hard for me to be trust worthy of foam free installations and getting creative designs without foam."
November 27, 2018

Rainy Diane
Riverside, California, USA

Royal Bee Florals & Events

"I really loved working with them, and look forward to "molding" them to other shapes in the future." 
November 25, 2018

Jessica Farrel
Southern California, USA

Madre Florals

"The 'small' with a pop of yellow & coral roses, a splash of deep red
alstroemerias & crisp organic apples all held together by the FloraGUPPY
wrapped in leaf ribbon! What's not to love about them?" 
November 23, 2018

"Happy to have found your product. It is eco-friendly, saves time & money and it means no more foam, tape or wire. How awesome is that!?!"
November 7, 2018

Los Angeles Area, CA  

Verified Amazon Purchaser

"I love this product! I bought my bouquet flower like I usually did in my grocery store and I just used half of these. I was surprised. My arrangement looks very good. Also, it’s very easy to change the water. My flowers looked healthy." 
November 22, 2018


Verified Amazon Purchaser

"Check them out, so easy to use. I used less flowers and moved them around until I got the look I wanted. If you arrange flowers at home like me, these are perfect. The clips that join the tip and bottom took a few tries but it gets easier. I like it!"
November 18, 2018


Verified Amazon Purchaser

"This is great! My flower arrangement comes out better using the product. The flowers stay in place. I love how it holds the flower arrangement together each time I change the water in the vase. Glad I got it!" 
November 11, 2018



Hunt & Heart

"Couldn't have done my bouquet comfortably without my GUPPY!!! No bleeding hands from working with chicken wire." 
November 3, 2018

Sydney, Australia

Catalin VB

"Love using the GUPPY for table arrangements instead of foam. Reusable and clean, after 7 months of using them are like new and I do not have to worry about the waste and where it ends up at the end of the job." 
October 29, 2018

"Great alternative to flora foam even larger installations by using the guppies with floral tubes. The best thing is that you can change the display very easy by moving one specific guppy, can replace the flowers, can refresh the water. No damage to flowers, really happy with your product. Thank you!”
 May 26, 2018

Nottinghill, London

Flowers Evolution

"Easy to use, versatile and the most important reusable. You won't get that with foam." 
October 29, 2018

Maciej Skulski
Bedminster, Bristol, United Kingdom

Anthony Maslo

"I use the GUPPY for multiple reasons, but most of all, because I can reuse the product over and over for months confidently knowing I'm not causing unnecessary waste. Love!" 
October 22, 2018

Anthony Maslo
Los Angeles, CA

Franziska Hubener

"I love the FloraGUPPY, it is easy and very quick (no long soaking) to use. Reusable hundreds of times. Easy for water change. The flowers last longer than in foam. And I don't feel guilty using it." 
October 22, 2018

Franziska Hubener

Blooming Lovely Bouquets

"Soooo loving it!!!"

"The GUPPY is cool in that they will own their floral stems with the power to pull some out and reposition, change vases, clean their vases, etc :)" 
October 20, 2018

Wamuran, Queensland, Australia

Tilted Tulip

"Loved it!!! And so easy to change the water out without messing the it!!!" 
October 12, 2018

Tilted Tulip
Alberta, Canada

Atelier Kohavi

"It allowed me to put flowers like sarracenia that cannot be attached or in the floral foam. I am very happy with the guppy. It stays in place. It is easy to organize flowers."
September 10, 2018

"Still can't believe it didn't move even when upside down!"
July 19, 2018

Atelier Kohavi

Lausanne, Switzerland  

Todd Kennedy Cakes

"I was able to use one for an arrangement I made a couple of days ago! It was life-changing! Instead of making a frog out of tape for the top of my square vase, I just heated up the guppy under hot tap water and squeezed her in the vase! What would have looked sparse, due to lack of support, now looks tight and professional! Thank you so much! You're a genius!!" - August 29, 2018

Todd W. Kennedy
New York, New York

Avant Blooms

“Attention florists….....Game changer here!!! No more wrangling the stems…This is perfection” 
August 20, 2018

Avant Blooms
Claremont, California


"The Guppy needs to reach all levels in the floral business - mass infiltration...which it will one day - certain of it!" 
July 19, 2018

"I rarely use foam, however, if I had to, I would use the guppy hands down everytime. The pliability when placed in warm water was awesome! So excited to see new inventions in the floral world. The fact that it is reusable is just icing on the cake." - June 9, 2018

Dallas, Texas, USA  

 EV Floral Design

"Made this #guestbookarrangement using my new @the_floraguppy instead of using tape or oasis. Love it so much more! You should totally check out the @the_floraguppy its awesome!" 
July 6, 2018

EV Floral Design
Saint Helena, California 

Tasini Fiorista

"Very easy to work on it, open to a lot of use: bouquet, bride bouquet, centerpiece for weddings and amazing to Christmas ideas." 
June 28, 2018

Georgia Passini

Flowers Evolution

"I can literally lift everything up if I want to change water and that's not a small arrangement. What I do know is that they hold test tubes pretty well which can be handy with some outdoor stuff. It's a cool tool and very much reusable."  June 12, 2018

Maciej Skulski
Bedminster, Bristol, United Kingdom  

 Blossom Spaces

This is awesome! Guppy works so well with artificial flowers." 
June 18, 2018

"Using Guppy's again for these decorations. Seeing the step by step sequences of creating this arrangement. They work great!" 
April 14, 2018

Hong Anh Sievert
Stilwell, Kansas, USA 


“Shoutout for a new invention that I predict will be like the post-it-note for the floral world! (not a paid endorsement).” -
June 8, 2018

Dallas, Texas, USA

Daniele Airi

"Absolutely stunning!!!!! I can see guppy is adaptable almost for every different style!!!" 
June 8, 2018

Daniele Airi
London, United Kingdom

  Telurosa Flowers

"I love the guppy! I really love how you can lift the arrangement out to change the water without any movement of the flowers at all! Such a great innovation. Really useful for clear vases where the water gets gross quickly." 
June 6, 2018

Fallbrook, California 


"I believe they will be popular among tillandsia lovers." 
June 5, 2018

Warszawa, Poland 

Anna Coy

"They worked so great, no tape and no foam." 
May 22, 2018

Anna Coy
Verona, New Jersey  

Lauren Elyse Florals

"This piece was created with a ceramic container and Floraguppy's reusable product. Because, foam free and kinder to the environment." 
May 19, 2018

San Diego, California, USA 

The Flowerista

"Loving the results! Thank you Floraguppy." 
May 6, 2018

Danielle Boyd
California, USA

 Flora Flora Events

"For personal use - It is very easy to use and it is recyclable. For commercial – maybe, if we can retrieve the arrangement (i.e. subscriptions, rentals). Other than that, the current price point of the guppies doesn’t leave much room for a profit margin. Chicken wire is cheap enough to throw away." 
April 25, 2018


Fremont, California 

Colin Baer Events & Floral

"Experimenting with this really cool product called @the_floraguppy. They are sold as clear balls with varied holes to hold flower stems inside of a vase instead of using floral tape or chicken wire but of course I had to think outside the box and spray paint them black. I also spray painted large water tubes to hold the orchids to match. I used the clear "guppy" inside to hold the black branches." April 23, 2018

Colin Baer

New York City, NY 

 Flower Porn 90210

"Thank you for creating a wonderful product. Environmentally friendly which can be reused saving you time and money."
April 22, 2018

James Romolo
Beverly Hills, CA 

The Flower Effect

"The FloraGUPPY and I are going to get along just fine - so fun to work with! Love it." 
April 21, 2018

Mel Lewty
Queensland, Australia  

 Special Event Factory

"So I made this arrangement with the guppy you wouldn't know it but I didn't have any chicken wire and I needed to create a wider bouquet so I wired the guppy in half. Gave me the look I was going for." 
April 19, 2018

"The floraguppy helps me transport the flowers from place to place. It also helps me to re-purpose the arrangements easier. That helps save my clients money which helps me lower my overhead costs. Once you place it in cold water it stiffens up and then that arrangement stays in place. How amazing is that!" March 31, 2018

Special Event Factory
Alpharetta, Georgia 

Violeta Gladstone Floral

"Just designed with the guppy and I couldn't be more happy and excited. Very very easy to design with it and keep the stems in place."
April 3, 2018

Violeta Gladstone
Barcelona, Spain

The Flower Cart

"Having fun with the wonderful FloraGuppy, can see the benefits already...looking forward to using them in the future." 
March 26, 2018

Birmingham, United Kingdom