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Assembly Guide

Step 1

Take the two halves of the GUPPY and line them up inwards so the insert tab matches the slot opening.

Step 2

Use your thumb and your index finger and slightly bend the tab and the slot inwards. Begin to push the tab into the slot opening. The tab is shaped like a “fishing hook”. Snap into place.


Use warm water or heat with a hairdryer to soften slot openings. Then proceed with steps 1 & 2.

How to start using Guppy?

Step 1

Use dowels or branches to support the GUPPY in a vase or cylinder that is slighlty larger than the GUPPY.

Step 2

Start to arrange the flowers using multiple holes on the top as needed. Insert stems in only 3 or 4 holes on the bottom for stability.

Step 3

Remove the arrangement, cut the stems to fit the length of the display vase and remove the dowels. The canopy should rest on the rim of the vase.